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Attendance Policy and Contract

Students are expected to attend school and all scheduled classes daily. In accordance with school board policy, state law and regulations, the administration has set the minimum attendance for earning credit in a course. The following are the maximum number of permitted absences in any course for unexcused absences. An unexcused absence is when a student does not attend school, we do not get a call from a parent, or the student is more than 10 minutes tardy for a class or leaves a class before the end of the class period without permission. Being tardy more than 10 minutes you will lose points for class participation.  More than 10 tardies equals one absentee.


  • Full year course 20 days

  • Half year course 10 days


Any student who is absent from any class for more than the above stated number of days will be subject to denial of credit in that class and may not graduate. If absent from school for more than 15 days, the student will be subject to denial of credit in all courses and PACE Attendance policy will be followed.


All absences are counted and included in determining whether the maximum absences have been exceeded. While there is an appeal procedure for obtaining credit if the maximum absences are exceeded, the presumption will be that credit will be denied, and the burden will be on the student and parents to show that special circumstances justify a restoration of credit.

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