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Driving and Parking
  1. Parking at PACE Career Academy is a privilege, not a right. Students must demonstrate the responsibility associated with this privilege.

  2. Parking in the lot at the north end of the building is limited to students/parents that have a registered vehicle and current driver’s license.

  3. Unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing. Further details about towing fees (are the drivers responsibility) can be obtained by call BRC Towing in Allenstown at 210-5278.

  4. Once parked at PACE Career Academy, students are not permitted in cars or allowed to congregate in the parking lot before, during school hours.

  5. Students are expected to DRIVE RESPONSIBLY on or around PACE Career Academy property.  Those who do not may lose the privilege of parking at PACE Career Academy.

  6. Students, who DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL DURING SCHEDULED SCHOOL, may not arrive to pick up students or drop students off at PACE Career Academy.

  7. Vehicles parked at PACE Career Academy are the responsibility of the driver/owner. PACE Career Academy is not responsible for damages incurred to or theft from vehicles parked at Pace Career Academy.

  8. Vehicles parked at PACE Career Academy are subject to search by school administration if there is reasonable suspicion that contraband items may be found.

  9. Any student who abuses the privilege of parking at PACE Career Academy may lose the privilege for the remainder of the school year.

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