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Student Life: Service

Student Services

Career Experiences

The Career Experiences program serves as a bridge between academic learning in the classroom and real world application.
Freshman and sophomore students take part in once monthly volunteering trips to various locations throughout the local community. Junior students meet twice monthly - once to leave campus for a job shadowing experience and a second time to participate in listening to guest speakers from various businesses and career fields.  Senior students complete internships at locations based upon their individual career interests. Each student interns for a total of 125 hours while completing accompanying assignments including weekly journal entries, periodic reflections, and an end of year presentation before the School Board of Directors. All career experiences take place during the opposite session of the students' regular school day. 
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Rachel Carver at


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Post-Secondary Options

Sign up for Dual Enrollment Courses with the Community Colleges and Southern New Hampshire University. College credits are transferable to other colleges and allow students to earn both high school and college credit. 

Conferences with Parents or Guardians

Parents are encouraged to confer with teachers, and administrators about their son/daughter.


Conferences can be arranged by calling or emailing the school and requesting to set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time and date.


Progress Reports

PACE Career Academy will issue four grade reports each year, 2 report cards and 2 progress reports. On-going tracking of grades will be available electronically. There is an expectation that the student, parent and school staff will have regular communication about personal, academic, and career growth.



Build Lasting Relationships

One size does not fit all, and one teaching method does not suit every lesson or student. Our teachers pay close attention and develop caring relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curricula to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of everyone. Our student experience is enriched by volunteer opportunities, class trips, and other career enrichment activities.

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