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Title 1 School Plan 2017-2018

Student Selection
Yes  Yes No  No Describe your two-step process for selecting Title I students. (1) How is the pool of educationally disadvantaged students identified? (2) How will you select the neediest students? In a narrative, describe how you will include migratory and homeless students in your selection process regardless of the date that the student enters your school. Forms that do not have a point system/or weights are not acceptable. Forms that do not recognize the special needs of homeless and migrant students are also unacceptable. All selection criteria must be academic in nature.

See attached Title 1 student selection, homeless, migratory students will be evaluated using the same procedures will allowances for special education
Supplemental Support
Yes   Yes No  No Describe how your Title I instructional program is in addition to the Title I student’s basic reading/math program that is delivered by district staff. We need to know from your description that the Title I program services are supplemental to what the child is required to receive by law. In order to be in compliance with the law, your program must be able to identify how the services provided by the Title I staff to Title I students are in addition to what every other child receives as part of his/her basic education.

High Quality
Instructional Strategies
Yes   Yes No  No Respond to the following four: (1) Describe how your instructional support model uses only research-based strategies for improving achievement of your Title I students. (2) Describe the curricula you have chosen to support your Title I students. Explain how it is accelerated and of high quality and will assist Title I students to reach the standards set in the State’s curriculum frameworks. (3) Describe how you have minimized removing children from the regular classroom during regular hours for instruction. If you do pull students out of class, describe how you will ensure that they are not missing direct instruction from the classroom teacher. (4) Include the strategies you will use to provide extended learning time for your Title I students. (This is not a requirement for Targeted Assistance Schools, but it is a priority for all Title I schools.)

Parent Involvement
Yes   Yes No  No Describe your plans for increasing parental involvement for this school year. Also, how are parents involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of this grant?

Professional Development
Yes  Yes No  No Describe any professional development activities funded by Title I. Who will participate and how do the activities support the educationally disadvantaged population? Include your evaluation component. How do these professional development activities relate to your PD Master Plan and your district’s Technology Plan?

The title one teacher will attend will attend various workshops in Nov and Dec on how to  work with struggling learning, how to best improve reading and writing scores and grade levels

Coordination with the
Regular Classroom
Yes   Yes No  No Describe your steps to ensure that instructional planning for participating students is incorporated into their existing school program. We need to know specifically how and when this coordination happens. If the coordination seems random or inconsistent, your application will not be approved until regular and timely coordination is designed. Describe your record keeping procedures to document this coordination.

Collaboration with
Other Programs
Yes   Yes No  No Describe your strategies to ensure collaboration with other programs (i.e., migrant education, special education, ESL, Homeless Education Program, Head Start, Even Start, adult education, violence prevention programs, nutrition programs, housing programs, vocational and technical education, and job training).

Instruction by Highly
Qualified Staff All teachers and instructional paraprofessionals paid out of Title I funds must meet the highly qualified requirements. Do all applicable staff meet this requirement? Yes  Yes No  No
Principal’s Assurance I hereby certify that the Title I Program at my school will:
Be conducted according to the Title I Plan included with this application;
Provide support to only Title I identified students with the exception of an allowable incidental inclusion; and
Meet all parent involvement requirements. Including but not limited to: annual meeting, parent compact, parent policy, and Parents Right-to-Know.
Yes  Yes No  No

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